When you’re looking for your path, don’t look in front of you – it’s not there.  It’s not there because you haven’t been there yet.  We cannot lay out exactly how things are going unfold in the future and many times people use this as a way to stay stuck.  I often notice that when someone can’t figure out how to take steps 5, 6 and 7, they develop the attitude of “why even bother…it’s not going to work anyway”.


We are not the same people and the circumstances are not the same as they will be once we take steps 1, 2, 3, and 4.  After we’ve taken these steps, learned and grown from them, we are literally different people with different capabilities.  We’ve also set up different circumstances because of the previous steps.  This is why we need to move forward towards our goals and allow more to be revealed as we take each step.


There’s nothing wrong with formulating a plan to move forward however as anyone in a successful business will tell you, there needs to be room for adjustments.  Nothing long-term plays out exactly as planned, there are always tweaks and fine-tuning needed.  This is true in business as well as in life.


So remember, the only path is behind you.  You can look back on your past to learn from and help you along the road in front of you.  However your future is like newly fallen snow, full of undiscovered possibilities waiting for you to take that 1st step in creating your future!