Here are some things that I’ve found that are sticking points with the Law of Attraction. One is how to bring things into your life without coming from a place of lack. If you’re putting out that you want it, there’s often an underlying current of not having it that can be attached.

There’s also an aspect of trying to “make things happen” by taking more and more action again thereby reinforcing the general sense of lack as well as the lack of trust in the Universe that it will actually bring you what you want in the best way possible.

Finally, there’s the “are we there yet” aspect…falling into the trap of constantly checking to see if it worked yet. If you look closely at this one, there is no trust there at all, just attempted manipulation of the system. And the system is way too perfect to be manipulated by false intentions and empty actions.

So, let’s get to the solution…

Adopting a phrase similar to “wouldn’t it be nice?” can be very helpful. When my son was young, I was looking for a business space with a living space attached so that I could work and be close for him. While looking for a place like this I encountered some apparent obstacles. I heard things like: they don’t have buildings like that in this town, something like that would be expensive, etc. My response was always the same: “yeah, but wouldn’t that be nice?”. This response allowed me to not argue logistics and apparent facts with people while staying attached to my dream.

I just stayed open to it without putting limitations on the Universe and what it was capable of. So I kept my eyes open, looked at everything with a For Rent sign on it until one day while looking for a business space for someone else, I mentioned what I was looking for. The person told me about a building right down the street that was too small for them but fit my description exactly. Of course I took the action of following up and eventually moved into my 1st business space with a 2 bedroom apartment upstairs for my son and I in the same town with the same school and sports teams for my son…perfection!

The keys here are non-attachment, not forcing an outcome and no limiting beliefs. Casual trust goes a long way! This type of thing has worked for me many times before and since. When I know that all is well, that I’m loved and that the Universe wants nothing more than my happiness and fulfillment…things go well. Of course we need to take action but we don’t need to force things into being. So focus on the energy that you stand in, the confidence you have in the Universe and yourself. Stand in the belief that things are unfolding for your highest good with a simple “wouldn’t it be nice if…” attitude and watch how amazing the Universe is at fulfilling your life in ways beyond what you can imagine for yourself!