You can worry or pray, but you can’t do both at the same time. I love this statement, it really cuts through a lot of the misunderstandings about prayer. A lot of times people pray about an issue, ask for help from the Universe, God, the Creator, the Divine or simply some sort of Power that’s greater than them. After the prayer, they continue worrying about the issue as if this all-powerful force couldn’t handle the job. Like most things you have to slow down and think things through before you see the truth.

So let’s put this through the logic-detector…if you’ve just asked for help from an omni-loving, omni-powerful, omni-present Source that is the Wisdom which can design and keep the Universe functioning in complete and immutable law…do ya think it might be able to find you a job? I’d say it could probably handle the task. And yet worry abounds, faith is lacking.

Faith is something that is strengthened through conscious use. You have to expand your faith through using it to the best of your ability. If you pray for help, the whole point is to receive the help. However, you can’t receive the help if you don’t believe it’s going to happen. That’s not faith, that’s just “scared-talking”.

I know this isn’t easy and fortunately so does the Creator. That’s why perfection is not a requirement, it’s simply the faith of a small child (something you once were, so can relate to), or the faith of a mustard seed is all that’s required. The system doesn’t work off of the quality of the process, it works off of the earnest desire to connect and have a relationship based in Love. If you earnestly seek, you will find. Knock and the door will open. Shall I continue with the reference quotes? Lol!

You get the point. Of course we need to be careful of what we ask for, it cannot be at the detriment of another and it may be fulfilled in a way that we didn’t expect but if we ask we shall receive. All we have to do is believe. Practice believing and begin receiving.