When looking at the state of affairs around us, many people are wondering what we can do to change things.  To answer this, we can look at what was meant by Gandhi when he said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  This phrase means more than just to work on ourselves for our own benefit (although there are certainly great rewards at this level alone).


If you take this statement deeper, to an energetic level, you can understand how collective change actually occurs. Each of us has our own energy field which is connected to the collective energy field and these fields have vibrational rates. As we work on ourselves and raise the vibration of our personal energy fields to a higher, healthier level, the vibration of the collective energy field that we’re connected to also rises. This develops an atmosphere more conducive to change.


The lighter an energy field, the easier it is for people to change. When someone is stuck in an old, negative way of Being, the energy is dense and low vibrating. When they are surrounded by an atmosphere of lightness, it’s easier for them to let go of old ways of Being and open up to new, lighter, healthier ways of Being. They still have to want to change and be open to it, but if they are…it is an easier space for that to happen.


So, as we change our own personal vibrational rate not only are we experiencing more joy in our own lives, we are also contributing to a collective atmosphere friendlier to change.  Go inside, do the work, shine brightly and know that by Being a better you, you’re creating a better world.