Life is what happens when we’re busy doing other things. This can be a scary thought. The mindset is an unconscious one and often times is how years are spent with very little forward progress. People keep waiting for things to be different so they can live differently. That’s actually backwards…we need to live differently so things will be different.

One simple way to break out of this unconscious and stagnant mindset is to use time as a tool. First look at all the aspects of your life: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, happiness level, relationships, finances, etc. Make note of where you are in each of these areas as well as collectively. Now think how would you feel if you woke up five years from now and everything was the same?

If you are happy with where you are and how the future would look staying on the path you’re on than congratulations, you’re heading in the right direction, continue doing what you’re doing. In this situation you are either living consciously and growing or you’re stumbling in the right direction somewhat unconsciously. If it’s the latter, bringing some consciousness to it should propel you further, faster if you so choose.

If there was a surge of fear that shot through your body when you pictured things the same or worse in five years, it’s time to make some changes! The good news is you can let go of that fear. The largest obstacle you have is breaking through the unconscious behavior and truly seeing the reality of the situation and you just did that! So congrats! Now it’s time to make some changes.

You don’t need to change everything…you just need to make whatever small adjustments you can make where you are. You can start by writing out what you’d like your life to look like in five years and then take baby steps to head in that direction. If you do this, you will make progress!

As I mentioned, the biggest block is living unconsciously. Once you start living consciously and adding direction and purpose to your life, you’ll start making ground. You don’t have to know how it’s all going to play out…in fact you can’t know how it’s all going to play out so don’t even try. Just take one step at a time with your eyes on the prize. Do whatever you can to look for solutions, not problems. As you do, things will begin to unfold in the direction of your dreams and eventually they will come to fruition!

Hint: Google can be a huge friend! Whatever you want to enhance – Google it, research it, learn more about it, walk in the direction of it. If a Mentor, Teacher or Life Coach can help you, then get the help! There’s nothing more important or worth claiming than your own happiness!