Fear has a way of holding us back from accomplishing what we want in life. The silly part is that fear is just an illusion. It’s not a “thing”. Most of us have walked through some sort of fear in our lives, done something we were afraid to do. After doing it, if you looked back to see the fear that was blocking you, you would see nothing, you would feel nothing…it’s not there.

It’s not there because it’s illusory. It’s just a belief system that we agreed to at some point. Whatever you’re afraid of…someone else is not afraid of it. That’s not because they are better than you or more capable than you. It’s because they didn’t buy into the way of thinking that believes they are afraid.

Since fear is simply a mindset, we can change what we believe. Expanding your mind to believe that impossible things are possible is the answer. This is what Alice in Wonderland was doing when she was fighting the Jabberwocky…she was reciting the 6 impossible things that happened to her before breakfast. This was to expand her mind to believe that she might be able to slay the Jabberwocky even though she was a little girl up against a huge monster!

Changing our mindset can be done but most often it still takes courage to walk through the illusory fear. However, after you do it once you have the physical proof that you’re capable and then you’re more likely to be able to do it again.

Start with something small, with small consequences and walk through your fear. Then work up to something larger. The opposite is also true, if you allow fear to control a part of you, it will attempt to control more of you. So next time you’re thinking about letting fear win, understand that it’s taking up residency inside you and it will take over more and more space as long as you allow it.

No one starts out completely fearful. It starts small and then expands. Wherever you are, stop now. Stop and begin to reverse the curse! Little by little reclaim your life, you deserve to be in control of it, not fear. Baby steps lead to great progress!