Most people have a habit of attempting to control things to some degree. This urge originates from a need to feel safe. If it seems like you can control something, it makes you feel safe. The problem with this is that you live in an ever-changing reality, so with this system there is no safety to be had because you can never truly control what happens in your life. You can never be healthy enough to never get sick, get hurt or die. You can never Love someone enough to protect them from everything. You can never be rich enough to never suffer, etc.

The Truth is we ALL want to feel safe and yet from what I just mentioned, it’s unattainable here on earth. So why would we all want something that’s unattainable? The answer is this: it is attainable, it’s just not attainable where we’re looking…here on earth. There is another realm, the spiritual realm. This realm is never-changing, it is eternal and this is where our safety lies.

The spiritual “journey” that you are on is one of integration. Integrating your spiritual Truth with your human existence. You cannot abandon or deny either one if you hope to have integrity in who you are. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

If you stand in the Truth of who you are as an eternal spiritual being anchored in an everlasting, eternal Love that happens to be here on earth having a temporary, experiential journey…this is where you find the safety you seek. The safety doesn’t lie in the temporal realm, it lies in the eternal realm.

So anchor yourself in a connection with whatever you believe in: The Universe, The Creator, The Divine, God, A Power Greater Than Yourself, etc. This needs to be your foundation, from here you can feel safe while interacting with the uncertainties of life. Sit in the seat of God and from there play the game of life, from this vantage point you won’t take everything so seriously, nor should you. This is just a temporary vacation you’re on, you can’t lose, you’re destined to win and the entire Universe is conspiring in your favor! Have fun, take chances and live while you’re here. Don’t worry, the Truth of the matter is that at the end of it all and even during it…you’re safe.