Thoughts and prayers are a wonderful way to connect with a power greater than ourselves and to infuse positive energy into situations. Everything is energy including our thoughts…they’ve even been able to measure a thought as a unit of energy in quantum physics. There also have been many studies that have proven thoughts and prayers have a positive impact and improve outcomes. I do have to mention that these studies have had mixed results since it’s a difficult topic to study. There was also a study done in 1993 where a group of TM-Sidhas meditating on peace actually decreased crime in Washington by 23.3%.

There is much scientific evidence that backs this idea however even if there wasn’t…it’s a matter of faith. Faith is belief in something without having the evidence, without knowing for sure how things will turn out…that’s the whole point!

I believe thoughts and prayers work however I also believe they are not a replacement for action. There’s a parable about two farmers praying for rain. One farmer prepares his land and the other does not. Even though they each prayed, only one got the rain…the one that prepared his land.

My perspective on this is that we are physical beings sometimes with hidden doubts inside. There is no better way to ensure that we are energetically aligned with what we want than “acting as if”. Acting as if it’s going to happen aligns our physical vibration with our spiritual intention. So taking action is important to get ourselves in the right place vibrationally to receive what we’re praying for.

Also we have to remember that we are responsible for our own lives. Sitting around praying doesn’t exude responsibility. It exudes laziness. We are creators like our Creator. Our lives are a co-creation between us and God and it’s our responsibility to take action in our own lives.

We have been given free will and this free will is to ensure we have a chosen relationship with our Creator, not a forced one based on control. Therefore, our Creator can’t come in and start moving pieces around running our lives for us. If it did this (even if we asked), it would be physically running our existence for us instead of with us and that is a dysfunctional, codependent relationship. Imagine a relationship between two people where one sat around telling the other what to do all the time without helping…not healthy and not good! Therefore it’s not good for a relationship with our Creator either.

God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves, it’s a two-way street. A two-way relationship based on love and trust. If we treat as such, and build it as such, it will work wonderfully! So go co-create the life of your dreams! You have the most powerful energy in the Universe backing you, so you’re good!

Time to light it up!!!