The tipping point is a concept that can give hope in the middle of chaos and change. Basically it states that once 51% of the population awakens, there will be a tremendous shift on a large scale in the world. No matter how small that majority is, it’s still a majority which will tip the scales in favor of peace and love.

I don’t need to go into proving that there is negativity in the world and the majority of the society is acting from a place of unconsciousness. There’s enough proof of that on the news. What’s more important is where we’re going. The fact that Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle’s webcast 10 years ago was the largest webcast ever. The fact that self-help and spiritual books are selling at record levels, spiritual movies have become mainstream, meditation, yoga and spirituality are on the rise and the fact that I have a job teaching these things is all amazing progress!

The shift is coming, the facts are there if you look for them. There is an unsettling that is bubbling up to the surface that we need to change…completely…as a species or we will perish. This is when evolution occurs, when it needs to. And right now, it needs to. We have to evolve into a new way of Being because this way has gotten so dysfunctional, we can’t keep going in this direction.

This is why we’re seeing so much contrast. The contrast is making things clearer between what we want and what we don’t want. At this point we’re still arguing about how we’re supposed to make it what we want. However in the near future we’ll understand that it’s not about “how”, it’s about “what”. We all want to be at peace, to feel loved and safe. Once we stop arguing about how that’s supposed to look and how to achieve it, we can get on with letting the arguments fall away and accept each other with our differences, as we are.

There are a lot more people awakened than most realize. Awakened doesn’t mean you’re floating above a cushion meditating all day. It simply means that you’re not fully asleep anymore and you’re beginning to see things for how they truly are. You’re understanding that you don’t have to live unhappy and there is fulfillment and joy that can be experienced by letting go of the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

So if you’re reading this and some of it or all of it is clicking or even just sounds interesting…like there might be some Truth to uncover here, count yourself as part of that 51%. Because if you’re not there yet, you’re very close and will be part of the count sooner than you can believe providing you follow your curiosity down this path. If this sounds like a bunch of crap…I’d recommend reading something else that clicks with you, perhaps this isn’t your time or you’re not interested in it. That’s okay, it’s not for everyone.