Hello readers, I’m really excited to introduce to you the addition of Patreon to Glenn Ambrose Life Coaching and here’s why: I’m always looking for new, inventive ways of reaching people and getting the message out there in exciting ways and this has tons of options wrapped up in it!

Basically Patreon gives me the ability to connect with my Patrons on a more personal level (which I love) and in almost endless ways. For starters I’m now able to offer video versions of my podcasts. I’ll also be doing short video messages of what I’m working on, what I’m doing for fun and what my life consists of to keep you all in “the know”.

There will be regular Q & A’s as well as LIVE Q & A’s! Okay, I’m going to try to stop using all these exclamation points but this is exciting stuff!!! Whoops, there I go. Anyway, back to the point…you’ll also have access to all my material before it gets released to anyone else, anywhere else. We’re talking exclusive stuff here! And this is just the beginning.

As I mentioned, with your support I’ll be able to offer more information in more creative ways. This way you can be exposed to the information flowing in ways that connect with you personally and therefore keep you moving forward on the path you’ve been so blessed to find. As you support the message being spread, more people will be reached, allowing them to awaken to who and what they truly are. This is how it works…it starts with one person awakening to a higher level of happiness through learning to see things differently, then another and another.

We’re on our way and I’m so happy to be on this journey with you! I’m also grateful that we have people out there creative enough to come up with Patreon and things like it to help expand what we’re doing in different and unique ways!

So do me a favor and check out Patreon.com/GlennAmbrose. Take a look around and let me know what you think. I’d love to get your feedback, support and input as to what other things I could be bringing through this new platform. Thank you as always for being part of my journey!