The spiritual law of attraction basically states that what we think about, we bring about. So we are attracting into our experience what the majority of our thoughts are about. If we think about negativity, negative things continue to happen to match the vibration of our thoughts. If we think about positivity, positive things happen to match that vibration.


Something that’s important to understand is that action is involved. If we truly believe positive things will be happening, we will lay the ground work required for those things.

This is shown in the story of the two farmers praying for rain:

  • One farmer prayed for rain and then began to prepare his fields by preparing the ground and sowing the seeds.

  • The second farmer prayed for rain and waited for the evidence of his prayers before he took action.

Can you guess which one got the rain? Of course, the one who took the action. This is because the action was a physical manifestation of his faith. Why would someone prepare the fields if there wasn’t going to be rain? But he knew there would be rain so he prepared the fields. This was an example of doing what you can where you are to help bring about the outcome you desire.

On the other end of the spectrum, we don’t have to fall into the vibration of forcing things to happen either. This is actually a vibration of lack. Pushing and trying to make something happen is reinforcing the idea that you don’t have it and that you’re not trusting the Universe to do its job and bring it. Simply do what you can with an expectation of success.

Key words in spirituality are words like: allow, trust, remember, receive, and let. The wrong words are things like: make, push, learn, take, and get. Do you see the difference? We don’t have to force things because we are not doing the heavy lifting anyway. The Universe does all the heavy lifting. We need to set our intentions, match the vibration of what we want through our thoughts and actions and then open up and receive.

Best wishes for all you desire!