Guilt can be a like an anchor holding us down to the past.  The first thing we need to understand is that the only thing helpful about the past is using it as a learning tool.  If we use the past to hold ourselves back from moving forward it’s just a huge hindrance.  For some reason we’ve evolved into thinking that if we feel bad enough about the past, we won’t do it again.  However, all that does is lowers our self-esteem and drains the energy necessary to move forward and grow.

Using the past as a learning tool is very productive, we can look at the past, learn from it and move on.  If our actions have affected others (which if there’s guilt it often does), make amends.  We’ve ALL made mistakes and often what people are most looking for is someone to take responsibility for their actions and apologize.  This type of honesty and integrity can form profound relationships in business and in life.

Most people can relate to this phrase: “I’m my own worst critic!”.

It’s very important for us to understand that beating ourselves up does nothing to help us.  There literally is no benefit and only detriment.  Think this through, understand it, use this fact to help shape your future and how you deal with yourself and others…and forgive yourself!  Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself for not being perfect, not living up to an unreachable standard that you’ve unconsciously set for yourself.  Once you’ve forgiven yourself, your self-love rises, your self-esteem rises, the guilt begins to lift, and you can begin to live free once again.

So learn from the past, let go of it, make amends where necessary and grow.  You’ve held yourself back long enough over a debt that has already been paid many times over!