Since this is such a big topic, I’m going to go deeper than I did in the first blog. This can be very beneficial for any situation however for the bigger, more difficult situations, this can be downright necessary. The more difficult the situation, the deeper the lesson. Rarely do I use teachings I found elsewhere however the teachings I’m using here are so profound and perfect, I feel it’s the best way to convey the information. So here we go…

When facing deep difficulty there is a deep Truth that needs to be comprehended and then stood in steadfastly. One way to understand this Truth is through it’s phrasing in A Course In Miracles: “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God.”

Let’s break this down: nothing real can be threatened. This means that nothing that is eternal or real like your soul can ever be threatened. The True You can never be threatened; no harm can come to it. This is taught in all major religions through the teaching of eternity. So, You can never be harmed, damaged, tarnished or dimmed in any way.

Nothing unreal exists. This means that if something can be hurt, it is not actually real, it doesn’t actually exist in the eternal reality. Therefore, the things that can be hurt like your body, your feelings and your ego are not actually real, they are only temporary.

As this is understood deeply, we can comprehend that the things we spend so much energy protecting, are not actually real. No one can hurt your feelings unless you are identified with your feelings as being who you are. If you think you are your feelings and someone takes a shot at your feelings, you feel hurt. If you think you are your mind-made-self (your ego) and someone takes a shot at your ego…it hurts. If you understand that you are not your ego, you are not your feelings, that You are something much greater, something eternal, then you’ll understand that you’re not actually hurt. If your body can be hurt then it’s not eternal, it’s temporary. There have been people that have disconnected with the sensations in their body and not felt pain. They somehow found a way to identify themselves as something beyond their bodies.

As you understand this and embody the Truth of it…herein lies the peace of God. One of the most powerful statements out there! I love it!

I’m going to firm this understanding up by using another wonderful statement. I tried looking this up but couldn’t find it. I believe it’s from Brene Brown and even if it’s not, I feel her teachings on vulnerability are excellent and worth looking into. The statement is this: vulnerability is not opening up to the chance of being hurt; it’s fully opening up and finding out you can’t be hurt. This is where true strength comes from. As long as we are trying to protect a part of ourselves, we run the risk of being hurt. Someone or something will always find a way and that’s not true freedom. Once we’re able to open up fully, we find out that we can’t be hurt. No one has the power to hurt something that can’t be hurt.

Freedom is what we seek and freedom lies in the knowingness of the eternal Truth of ourselves. It’s lies in the identification with the eternal Truth of who we are. As we know and identify with the Truth of the eternality of us…we have the freedom of never being a victim of anything ever again. Herein lies the peace of God. In grave difficulties, this may be the only Truth deep enough to bring the comfort needed to get through. The deeper we can stand in this Truth, the more profound our existence becomes.