We have all been alive for awhile now (at least long enough to learn to read this), and during that time we’ve had many experiences that led us to where we are. So your past has determined where you are at this time. You have learned many things along the way and implemented many of them into your life to arrive at this point now. If you like where you are, you should continue implementing things that you’ve learned to keep you going in the direction you’re going. If you do not like where you are, it’s time to learn some new things and to implement them in different ways than your past.

If you are experiencing an unfulfilling life it’s only because you haven’t learned how to have a fulfilling one yet. We ALL have the ability to have a fulfilling life, it’s just a matter of changing what’s not working. I refer to this quote often by Albert Einstein: “You can’t solve a problem with the consciousness that created it”.

Many years ago, I faced the fact that my life was messed up even though I had tried very hard to find success and be happy. This meant that my best thinking didn’t work and I needed to learn a new way of doing things. Once I started learning a new way of thinking it was like living in bizarro-world! Common-sense became un-common sense. The way I viewed things and problem solved was flawed…no wonder why it didn’t work!

After learning a new way of looking at things through a series of perspective changes, life began to get better! I found that I wasn’t cursed or stupid or crazy…I was just lost without a map. Learning that I was responsible for my past because of my poor decision-making only meant that now that I knew better, I could do better. I was capable of creating whatever life I wanted now that I knew my thinking had been flawed…what a relief! It was the most empowering feeling I’ve ever had!

So don’t allow your past to determine your future. You can begin where you are. You can learn a new way of Being that’s fulfilling. Find someone who has what you want and ask them how they got it. Reach out to someone like a Life Coach that can help guide you, read a self-help or spiritual-based book, listen to healthy podcasts that offer new ways of looking at things. Mine is called: Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose and there are many others out there that also offer free information about healthy ways of viewing things. The answers are out there…begin your search for new information and your new life! You deserve it!