Often times an excuse for bad behavior in the workplace is that it’s “just business”. Fortunately, time has shown us that bad behavior is not necessary to succeed. Things are changing in this world and people are not okay with being treated poorly just because it’s “work-related”. Companies are being boycotted for behavior that is unacceptable and other companies are expanding greatly because of their reputation for doing good in the communities…which is wonderful!!!

The Truth is that Spiritual Law runs everything in this world including business. So if we apply the same principles we do in our personal (spiritual) lives to our work…we will have the same results. To expand and become better, happier and more fulfilled Beings is our personal goal and will enhance our work lives as well.

There are many studies showing the happier a person is the more productive they are.

The workplace needs structure and we need to understand its “purpose” which is to earn a profit. Not a profit at the expense of all else…just a profit. Therefore we don’t need to abandon accountability in the name of spirituality. Employees need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability in exchange for energy in the form of money. If an employee is incapable of performing their job duties, they need to be let go. They would obviously be happier performing a job that they are more suited to and that’s more in alignment with who they are. Of course there can be warnings, attempts to help the employee first however at the end of it all, if they are not performing, they need to be let go. This is not hard-core business…this is reality. If I had a friend that wasn’t capable of treating me as a friend, they would no longer be my friend. If I had a DVD player that wasn’t capable of playing DVD’s, I would go get a DVD player that is capable of playing DVD’s. This is just reality.

On the other hand a manager is going to get a lot more from their employees by trying to help them perform their job well instead of yelling at them. Yelling is inappropriate and unnecessary when you’re holding people accountable. If they are aware of the consequences, you help them and together you both can’t figure out a way for them to perform their job properly than the job isn’t for them. They’d be better off at another job that aligned with their capabilities better. If you can help them become successful at their job then you have shown them you have what it takes to be a good leader…trust. People don’t follow people they don’t trust.

So feel free to bring spiritual principles into your workplace. Things like kindness, helpfulness, giving, courtesy, compassion, understanding, etc. Working in an atmosphere like that helps all the people involved blossom and prosper. A company can’t expand to its potential by holding down the people that are a part of it. If you lift people up as you expand, the company will continue to expand along with the people that make it up. This is how companies expand…the same way we expand…through Love.

As individuals we can help companies do this by being the change we wish to see in the company. Be kind and compassionate and help those around you. Then one department at a time will change or perhaps you’re the only one trying and you’ll find a job somewhere else in a different department or company altogether…who knows how it will play out. Just be the person you wish to be, live YOUR life by the principles you hold dear and see what happens. There are no special rules for the workplace…it’s just another place.