This is something we can all experience during our walk on the spiritual path. Each path is different and sometimes people wake up dramatically at first, then taking time to understand and assimilate. More often people awaken gradually and assimilate along the way. No matter which way you experience, there comes a time when you have some basic understandings and have implemented them to varying degrees. This is when you can lean on the experiences of your past to help you have more faith and courage moving forward – this is spiritual trust.

I also call this spiritual maturity because it takes a certain maturity to be able to accept and begin to depend on your new way of Being. Looking back and seeing with your own eyes, through your own experiences is one of the most powerful tools you have. Making sure the ego doesn’t rationalize away the things you’ve seen to be true through your own experiences is imperative. The ego is trying to keep you safe often by never risking anything, telling you that where you are is safer than where you’re going. This simply isn’t true. If you are anyplace other than living your fullest life…it’s not safer. There is uncomfortability and eventually depression that lives there. We cannot stay where we are, we have to constantly evolve and grow in order to feel alive and happy. So staying put isn’t safe, that’s the dichotomy of it all.

So lean on your spiritual maturity, believe in the spiritual experiences you’ve had. Lean into the trust you’ve been building by handing small things over to a power greater than yourself and hand over bigger things. Begin to trust yourself, the process, that feeling in your gut when you hear something that you know to be true. Trust that you’ll be okay if things don’t work out the way you want them to. Trust that if the new person your dating isn’t the right person for you…you’ll see it in a short period of time. Trust that you are keeping your eyes open, you love yourself and if there’s something off you’ll feel it or recognize it whether it’s in a job, a situation, a relationship or anything else.

Begin to make the shift from living scared in an ever-changing environment to living with a sense of safety in a never-changing eternal existence visiting and playing in an exciting, wonderous ever-changing environment. You can ground yourself in the safety of your spiritual truth while joyously experiencing this earthy plane.

Open up to what you have learned and lean into it. Use the reality of your experiences to give you the courage of the spiritual warrior taking your life to new levels. With this you are able to open to heightened experiences, embrace more joy, manifest more of what you want and design the life of your dreams! It is God’s good pleasure to give you the keys to the Kingdom, so open up, allow, trust and receive it.