Laughter not only is the best medicine but it can also be a great spiritual practice and sign that you’re heading the right direction or finally gotten to the Truth of something. When things are put into perspective and seen clearly compared to the false perspectives we usually see them from, they can actually become laughable.

One example would be if someone had three months to live and you told them that their cable bill was two days late, they would probably laugh. It’s downright silly most of the things that we stress over and when we see it for what it really is the natural reaction is laughter.

I see this with my clients often. We’ll be discussing serious topics and as we dissect what they were worried about, they will literally break out laughing because most of it is so absurd that we have to laugh. The beauty is that when you’re seeing the Truth, you also see there is no blame for you to feel. You simply didn’t know what you didn’t know when you didn’t know it. Now you know…so now you’ll do better, simple as that.


So when the laughter comes on your spiritual path, look around, feel inside, you’re probably seeing something very truthful for the first time. Even in comedy it’s said that the funniest things have at least some truth to them. This is one of my favorite ways to grow…through laughter. It certainly beats being curled up in a ball snot-bubble crying and wailing for two hours! Although that might be helpful in some areas of your walk as well ?

So take a long serious look at some of the things that bother you. Follow your line of thinking down to the core. Keep asking why? Or and then what? Or okay, what would that mean? Follow it all the way down to the core of the Truth and see if there’s laughter there. If you find the laughter, recognize the Truth!