Here’s two words that are rarely put together! They are soooo powerful together though…just like all things combined with the word “Spiritual”. Spiritual law is universal so it works everywhere, all the time, in all situations…it has to…otherwise it’s not spiritual law. So, let’s dive into the finance aspect of spirituality.

Right off the bat I have to bring up the person that helped me tremendously in the field of Spiritual Finance…Kerry Cudmore. She is wonderful to work with and if you’re able to take a Spiritual Finance course with her or one of her teachers, I highly recommend it. She also has a book available called: A New Relationship With Money which I feel is jammed with great information that can shift your perspectives and help you in this area profoundly.

There’s only so much I can get into here but I’ll give you a little taste of what can be expected by doing this type of work.

In my own life I needed to go back and find out what my core beliefs about money were. My beliefs were that people with money were greedy, snobby, selfish, mean and egotistical, this was the general consensus of the people I grew up around. When I was young, my parents had an in-ground pool put in our backyard and we became the rich family. This was NOT good in my neighborhood or school. I started getting called “rich” and to defend my honor, it usually ended up in a fight.

You see all the beliefs about people with money went against who I wanted to be at my core…against my core values. So if I were rich or if someone even called me rich, deep down it was like calling me selfish and mean. Throughout my life I did whatever I needed to to make sure I didn’t feel like I was a bad person. In this case I needed to unconsciously sabotage myself from making too much money, from having too much money, etc. If I acquired too much, I would blow it. Even though consciously I was good with money, my unconscious beliefs were stronger and dictated my behaviors.

Now my beliefs about money are that it brings me freedom. Freedom to help others, experience the things I want to, live a full life, raise my son, etc. Money is a symbol of freedom and joy to me now and because of that I’ve seen a dramatic shift in how money interacts with me.

Dysfunction in the area of finances has many different looks. Sometimes people behave like I did, sometimes they have a lot of money but never feel it’s enough, or they refuse to look at their money or bills out of fear. It can take on a lot of different faces but to simplify if you don’t feel comfortable with the topic of money…there’s an issue.

Think about it, see how you feel about it and if it’s not comfortable you should think about having a conversation about it. Check out Kerry Cudmore, her book and of course. If you feel a connection with me and how I work…I’m here to help as well. You can live in financial freedom…just start walking towards it by beginning the conversation.