During the spiritual walk it’s important to know the difference between the soul and the ego. The more we are identified with one or the other will affect how we live dramatically.

So the ego is basically who we think we are on this plane in the temporal zone. We are male/female, a certain color hair, eyes, skin, etc., with certain parents, friends having had certain experiences, living in a certain place, having certain beliefs and perspectives, etc. These things are all temporary and only apply to our life here on earth during this lifetime.

The soul is eternal, it will never die. We are energy and are filled with Unconditional Love and Divine Wisdom. Our soul knows no fear because it knows that it can’t be hurt, damaged, tarnished or endangered in any way. It is where the sense of safety we all yearn for resides. It is Truth.

There is a lot of talk about the ego being bad and the soul being good however I believe they both serve a purpose otherwise we wouldn’t have them. Having an ego isn’t bad, it’s just that it becomes a problem when we believe it’s who we are without connection to our soul. When we are completely identified with who we think we are and have no true, consistent connection to our sense of safety, love and wisdom…there’s a problem. And this problem manifests in many different ways within our society resulting with all the problems we see today. If we lived from a place of safety and love, there wouldn’t be all the fear, lack and greed that plagues the world we live in now.

So then, our work is to become more connected with the soul, live from that, follow the guidance from there and experience more peace, love and happiness in our lives. The task at hand is to integrate our spirituality into our human existence, thereby living from the soul while having wonderful and exciting experiences on the earthly plane.

How do we do this? By connecting to the soul through silence, becoming more familiar with it, letting go of who we think we are and becoming reacquainted with who we truly are. Practice being the observer of your life, watch what’s happening as if you’re watching a movie, detach from who you think you are. To decipher between the ego and the soul understand that the ego is concerned with temporary things, fleeting things, earthly things. The soul is concerned with eternal things like love, relationships, compassion, forgiveness, peace. If you are concerned with temporary things, you’re functioning from the ego. If your attention is on eternal things, you’re
functioning from the soul. Your best asset is your awareness. Simply pay attention and expand on what feels better.