There is a new awareness around sensitivity, finally a new understanding that it’s not a bad thing. This is a fairly new outlook so I’ll dive into it in more detail here. In the past being sensitive was seen as being weak and unable to handle things, but this is simply not true. Don’t feel bad, people also used to think the earth was flat and rocks were solid, lol.

Being sensitive simply means there is a heightened awareness. It also means there’s a low tolerance for unhealthy behavior or circumstances. So in short people who are sensitive are more aware of themselves, the world around them and find it necessary to be in healthy situations and around healthy people. Sounds pretty good to me!

Like anything else, there can be an adjustment period helped by learning. If someone is sensitive and they’re surrounded by negativity and a society that teaches them to stuff their emotions and that there is something wrong with them because they feel things deeply, there can be a lot of self-esteem issues. This isn’t because of the sensitivity, it’s because of the dysfunctional world in which the person is in.

Understanding that we don’t have to take things personally and that taking on other people’s feelings isn’t a necessary part of interacting with others are helpful things to learn. Just like everyone else, they also need to learn responsibility for their own lives as well as empowerment so they are not at the whim of the circumstances and people around them. These lessons are very important.

Those around them may also have some learning to do. Especially if it’s the parent of a sensitive child. As you learn the above-mentioned things, you can teach them to your child so that they can interact with the world around them appropriately. This is really not much different from any other person. We ALL need to learn these tools to interact with the unhealthy world around us in a healthy way. It’s simply more apparent when a child breaks down and cries because it needs to get the emotions out instead of another child shutting down and stuffing. We may look at the child stuffing and think that nothing bothers them only to see them turn to other coping mechanisms later in life.

In extreme sensitivity situations, the child won’t have the tolerance to deal with society as it is yet. It’s okay, they are still here on earth vibrating at a sensitive rate, doing their part to help our society just by being here. I’ll go into that more next.

There is a rise in what society has deemed “sensitivity disorders” in children. I believe these are labeled disorders simply because we don’t fully understand them and they don’t fit well into a dysfunctional world. The world is evolving into a new, healthier, more sensitive way of Being…simply because we have to to survive. As we get closer to a more loving society, I believe we’ll see more clearly how these kids are actually on the cutting edge of where we’re going.

Once society’s sensitivity level catches up with these kids that are born already vibrating at this rate…I believe we’ll begin to see them for the special beings that they are. They don’t have a disorder, society does. It’s apparent if you compare watching the news for 5 minutes and watching these kids in a loving, peaceful environment for 5 minutes. Which one could be representative of where we are going if we’re going to survive as a species? I’d say the one that has less conflict and more love.

You see sensitivity simply means more love. If there is a sensitive person in a loving environment, there is no problem. They love it! The problem arises when the environment isn’t love. So the problem isn’t with the person it’s with the environment. We are turning towards a new, more loving way of Being and the sensitive people just have the jump on the others! It’s okay, as more sensitive people learn to interact in a healthy way with the world around them and more sensitive people are born into this world, eventually it’ll be the new way of Being and we’ll look back and giggle at how the people on the cutting edge were labeled with a disorder. So embrace your sensitivity and that of those around you. Learn how to interact with the world around you without being hurt (being hurt is not required) and help us usher in this new, loving way of Being!