Children labeled as sensitive are often treated as if there were something wrong with them. The fact is, they are more advanced than people who are not as sensitive to their surroundings.  We come into this world knowing the Truth.  Things like:  the basis for all things is Love; there is no such thing as time; there is no separation between us; no reason to judge one another; we’re here to experience joy, excitement and wonder in many different ways; when we feel sad, it’s okay to cry; we are all cared for and loved.  The problem arises when the belief systems of society conflict with the Truths these children know.  When everyone around them insists that if they don’t adapt to what society tells them to…what is deemed appropriate and the way others agree with,  there’s something wrong with them.


“Sensitive children” are having difficulty falling into the dream of the planet.  There is something inside them they are strongly identified with that is telling them “no, this is not right”.  The violence, judgmental behaviors, stripping of our Truth is not what they are supposed to be experiencing here.  They know they are meant to Love because this is what they are built for…to Love.  They are made to experience kindness and a new way of Being on this planet because that is the direction we are going.  If we are to evolve as a species and survive without killing ourselves off, it is necessary to change.  This is what change looks like.  Sensitive children are on the cutting edge of who we are evolving into and when society catches up to them…it will be a beautiful world!

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