This is a question I get asked often: how do I raise my self-esteem? The simple answer is: do esteem- able things! Thank you, this blog is done. The rest are knock knock jokes, lol.

I guess I can get into a little more detail. Self-esteem is defined as: confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect. So if we are trying to have confidence in our worth and respect ourselves, we should do things that would display these things to ourselves. If you respect someone and value their worth, you would take their likes and dislikes into consideration and attempt to treat them in a manner that they enjoy. This is what you need to do for yourself.

If you don’t like being judged, put down and made to feel bad…don’t do it to yourself. We are our own worst critics and this needs to begin to change if we expect to love ourselves. If anyone treated you the way you treat you…you wouldn’t put up with it for a minute. So stop treating yourself with such disregard. Begin to show kindness, understanding and love to yourself and you’ll be amazed at how your self-esteem grows.

Another thing is to do specific esteem-able acts. Whatever you enjoy, do it. Do you like bubble baths, having flowers at home, reading, taking a walk, meditating, going shopping (within reason), ziplining, skydiving, kayaking, seeing a band, taking a vacation, gardening, painting, etc., etc.? Whatever you like set aside some time, make a date with yourself to experience the love you are worthy of from yourself and keep that date. Show yourself enough respect to honor your commitment you made to yourself and watch your self-esteem grow! Act as if you are worthy of love and respect because you are. Remember to stop for a minute before, during and/or after and feel the love that you are showing yourself by doing whatever it is you decided to do. Remind yourself each time that you’re doing this because you love and respect yourself and allow those feelings to wash over you and through you. This will anchor in the love you’re showing yourself and help shift your vibration to a more loving being. Be the change you wish to see. Start with loving yourself and showing yourself the respect you deserve…no one can do this for you.

Like all spiritual Truths, it’s simple. Not always easy but simple.