Religion and spirituality are often pitted against each other as if they were mutually exclusive. The fact is not only can they exist together but if religion is to serve its purpose…they must.

Spirituality is defined as “of or relating to spirit” or “concerned with religious values” and the purpose of religion is to enhance one’s spirituality. So, you see there doesn’t need to be controversy over the subject since they are both boats heading to the same shore.

What I’ll call Direct Spirituality is simply connecting to Spirit, Spiritual Truths and Spiritual Laws directly without any Dogma attached. An example is: all is Love. A religious example of this could be a writing from that religion’s teacher about all being Love. This can come in the form of an explanation or often times a parable.

Some people enjoy, find comfort in and perhaps need the structure that religion offers them in the journey of connecting spiritually. Therefore, religion is the correct boat for them. Other people enjoy and find comfort in the lack of structure and directness of spirituality itself without all the tenants of religion. Therefore, direct spirituality is the correct boat for them.

The question is do you like the way someone teaches spiritual law or do you like the spiritual law itself? Either way is fine. We’re all heading in the same direction.

The days of “my way is the only way” are finally passing. An article in the Washington Post states this about Pope Francis: He fosters interfaith dialogue with Protestants, Jews and Muslims and has even rejected the idea that Catholicism represents the only true path to salvation, declaring that God “has redeemed all of us … with the Blood of Christ … not just Catholics … even the Atheists. Everyone!”

The days of separateness are going out and the days of inclusiveness and Love are finally coming in. Such an exciting time for us to finally stop arguing over who’s right and get on with the business of Loving each other as our Creator intended.