We live in a very busy world and often times we get caught up in all our to-do’s and responsibilities only to find ourselves feeling depleted and drained. Of course we’d love to find a balance where this doesn’t happen and sometimes we can but other times we can’t. So if you do find yourself feeling drained, it’s time to recharge.

Recharging is important because once our energy is depleted, you’ll either do something to increase it or continue functioning at a low level and generally end up with the Universe slowing you down in some way. Either by sickness, injury or incident…and none of these are optimal. When you take responsibility for your own life and recharge of your own accord, things go much better.

Recharging is simply a matter of slowing down, focusing on you, your emotional body, your physical body and noticing how you feel. Do you feel tired, drained, scattered, overwhelmed? These are all signs that some self-care is in order and self-care is how we recharge.

Some ways to recharge can be taking a bubble bath, getting a massage, sitting and reading a book, sleeping in, meditating, going to bed early, clearing your schedule for an hour, a day, a week or however long is “do-able” for you. The point is that you CAN find ways to recharge.

The ego likes to say: there’s too much to do…you can’t. But really, is that true? What happens if you reschedule one appointment? If you go one week without grocery shopping, if you let the laundry pile up for 1 day? You’ll live, you’ve handled a lot more difficult situations than that I’m sure. The fact is that you will never get everything done…ever. That’s not how things work. There’s always laundry, groceries, bills to pay, etc., it never ends. But for some reason unconsciously you’re always trying to get everything done for some reason!

So accept the reality of the situation, come to an understanding that you’ve been putting too much pressure on yourself to do something that’s impossible…finish. Take a break, you can vacuum tomorrow or next week. You need to be your own number one priority, so that you can be the parent, the worker, the friend, the sibling that you want to be. Recharge, refill, rest, show yourself the love and caring you would show others. You’re worth it!