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episode 191

Feeling Full and Giving From The Overflow

In this episode I’ll answer a listeners questions about feeling full and giving from the overflow. This is difficult to do when you’re feeling exhausted and depleted so I’ll dive into the subject deeper to give more clarity and practical solutions to those in this situation (which we’ve all been at one time or another).

episode 5

Pausing Before Reacting

So many times in our lives we find ourselves in situations where we’re put on the spot, and we feel like we need to give answers right away.This can and DOES definitely get us into trouble! To help this, a very useful tool is to just……pause.

episode 143

Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries can be difficult, but is necessary in all personal and professional relationships. In this episode, Glenn discusses how to determine, and set healthy boundaries based on what you will choose to accept from others!

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