One of my favorite subjects! I’m a pretty passionate guy so no wonder. Passion is kinda everything. If you want to find out what your special purpose is – follow your passion. Want to know what job you should be doing – follow your passion. Want to know how to have fun in life and be happy – follow your passion. Want to know how to be rich and successful – follow your passion. Want to find romantic love – pay attention to your passion. So yeah, it’s a big deal.

The system is pretty simple once we identify it. I’ll come in the Buddhist door first and show what it’s not, thereby leaving what it is. Would it make sense for an All-powerful Creator to create a Being that didn’t like doing something it was supposed to do? Of course not! When people are passionate about something, they are much better at it and do it for much longer than those that are not passionate about it. Why? Because they enjoy it! It’s fun for them! This is how we’re supposed to determine what we should and should not be doing.

If we are not passionate about it, we’re not supposed to be doing it. If you have a person that is passionate about learning something or doing something, they are going to be invested in doing it to the best of their ability. Do you know someone that absolutely loves doing something but doesn’t try hard when doing it? Of course, a level of depression can affect things like this also but not in normal situations. Whether they’re good at it or not, the effort is there because they love it! If they stick with it, they will either get good at it or find a version of it that they are good at that they hadn’t seen before. Sometimes athletes find out they’re real passion is coaching for instance.

If you’re not sure what your passion is, follow a less intense version of passion…something like joy. Simply follow what brings you joy. There’s a reason it brings you joy. Some people couldn’t imagine being a Life Coach, I LOVE it! I lose time while doing it, I get energized, it’s fun…that is the number one reason how I know I should be doing it. So, what do you lose time doing? What do you enjoy? Start there and walk towards it.

We have a tendency in this world to try and figure out the whole puzzle before putting down the first piece. That’s not how life works. I didn’t find my passion until I was in my 40’s…because I wasn’t paying attention to what I enjoyed and following it. Do you like talking, shopping, playing games, medicine, justice, sports, art, music, marketing, computers, etc. Start when something captures your attention…that’s a hint…the fact that it grabbed your attention means to begin heading in that direction. It will either lead you to your passion or you’ll find out it has an aspect of what your passion is but it’s not quite it. Either way you’re a step closer.

Begin the walk one step at a time and you’ll arrive there. Whatever you look for, you’ll find. So, begin looking for your passion. Until you do, there will be a piece of you longing for it, quite possibly a gigantic piece and that’s no way to go through life. Seek and ye shall find, it’s there for you to have…you deserve it so start looking for it!