The idea of Oneness and that we are all connected is a very large concept to grasp! So let’s shrink it down a little into simpler scenarios to help understand it. Then you can see how it begins to make sense.

Think of the Universe as you would think of your own body. You wouldn’t hurt one part of yourself on purpose, simply because it’s a part of YOU. If you were trying to become a more physically effective version of yourself, you wouldn’t sacrifice one part of yourself to enhance another, it wouldn’t make sense. If you want to be a better, more well-rounded version of yourself, you would do whatever you could to support each part of yourself in becoming better.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A team has to work together to accomplish something…a team that doesn’t function as a team, doesn’t excel. A relationship only works if both parts are invested in making it work. Do see how things simply don’t work well unless the concept of all and oneness is brought into the picture? As is in the microcosm, is in the macrocosm.

If the Universe and everything in it is One, then it would behoove the Universe to care for everything in it. If a part of the Universe were to expand and become more of itself, then that would in turn expand the Universe and make it more of itself.


This is also why the Universe does things perfectly without sacrificing one person (or part of itself) to help another person (or part of itself). If you took 10% of one person’s energy and gave it to another person to help them and raise their energy 10%, the Universe would never make any progress or expand. And yet the Universe is constantly expanding. Therefore, the Universe must constantly set up situations that are possible win/win scenarios for all involved.

Of course we have free will and can choose not to expand when given the opportunity but that doesn’t mean the opportunity isn’t there.

The Universe is constantly growing through the growth of its parts…us. It is constantly supporting us in our growth, setting up situations for us to become more of ourselves so that it can become more of itself through us. So instead of looking at your situations and saying “why is this happening TO me?”, look and ask more empowering questions like: “how is this trying to help me grow?”, “what do I need to learn to become more of myself?”, “How is this for my benefit?”. This is where you’ll find your answers and your joy!

Understand that you are part of something larger, more powerful than yourself. And that very thing is using all of it’s wisdom, ability and power to help YOU expand…simply because you are a part of it! Pretty exciting when you think about it!