There are times in our lives when it’s simply time to move on, but how do we know when it’s right? This is a common topic in my work as a Life Coach. People are growing, expanding, and becoming more of themselves so the time to move on and let go of things that no longer serve them comes along regularly. Often times there is a lot of confusion and/or fear around it so I’ll go into this in an attempt to alleviate some of that.

Usually people make changes out of frustration and even anger. People get fed up with the way something is going, the inner resistance builds up, they feel like a victim of something or someone and they blow a gasket. They quit their job or leave a relationship, etc. Sometimes these changes are the correct changes however if your goal is to live a peaceful, happy existence, this is not the optimal way of making change.

We have to stop moving on out of frustration and begin moving on out of self-love. Self-love feels calm, confident and even joyful. Frustration feels trapped, irritable and like you have no other choice. When we’re in the mindset of learning what we need to learn in this life, the time to move on becomes obvious. We’re not looking to run away from an uncomfortable situation, we’re looking to learn and grow from an uncomfortable situation. Once we’ve learned what we need to learn it simply makes sense to move on. It feels right, it feels natural. There’s no animosity or irritation, in fact there’s a sense of gratitude for whatever the previous situation provided you in the area of self-growth. The time to move on is marked by a feeling of completion, satisfaction and happiness.

Another aspect to pay attention to are signs, whispers, messages. For me they often come in either recurring thoughts or spontaneous thoughts. You could begin noticing very soft thoughts bubbling up saying things like: you could leave and you’d be okay; there are other options out there; it’s okay if you want to leave; it might be time to move on; it’s okay to leave now. At first they seem like unimportant thoughts similar to the other thousands running through your head but there’s something different…either they become recurring or you notice they come out of nowhere, very spontaneous. They have a softer energy to them, more calm and matter of fact like basic statements. They’re not attached to a bunch of intellectual reasoning, they’re more just a knowingness inside. You can also experience signs in other ways like seeing things such as animals that represent something to you, options popping up that seem perfect for you, people saying things to you that seem a little out of the ordinary, etc.

If you’ve noticed a theme here, it’s all about energy, the qualities of the feelings you’re experiencing, this is your best guidance system. The time to move on is not best determined by an intellectual exercise or a feeling of frustration. It’s best determined by a feeling of calmness, a deep knowing, a relaxed matter of fact conclusion that the time to move is right…this is what to look for when the time to move on is close. So pay attention of the energy behind your thoughts, is it an energy of frustration underneath, or a feeling of calm assuredness? If it’s frustration, very often you simply have to shift the way you’re viewing it before you can leave in a healthy way. Peaceful is always the way to go!