Fear can come up in many different ways and take on many different looks…but at the end of the day it’s all merely an illusion. I say this because we’ve all walked through some sort of fear in life and once we’re on the other side and look back, we notice it’s not there. There is no “thing” there called fear. It’s simply an illusion, a lie that we believe in to stay stuck.

So how can we maintain our faith in the face of this illusion? We need to start having more connection with our faith than with our fear. It’s like the old adage: there are 2 dogs living inside of you. A good dog and a bad dog, and they’re fighting. Which one will win? Whichever one you feed more.

If we feed our faith by giving attention to it, by noticing all the wonderful things that have happened in our lives and giving thanks for them, it will expand. Very often in life we’re taught to not pat ourselves on the back, don’t feel good about anything because that means you think you’re better than everyone else. Then when we do something wrong or someone insults us, we take it to heart and feel horrible about ourselves. We’ve given ourselves permission to feel bad about ourselves but not to feel good about ourselves or the world around us.

We have it backwards. We have to give credit where credit is due. If we do something good, feel good about it! If you woke up today and have been given another day to walk towards joy…the Creator must think it’s possible for you otherwise you wouldn’t be here. If there was no chance for happiness for you, then a loving Creator would end your suffering and bring you back to where there is no suffering. If you are still here, there is happiness and fulfillment to have and you are capable!

Starve the negative parts. If there are things you don’t like in your life, feeling bad about them doesn’t help. You can center yourself, let go of the feelings of poor me for a moment and see if there’s any action you can take. If there is, take it. If not, keep focusing on the good in your life. If you starve the negativity, it will die off. Everything is energy, that’s how it works.

Negative thoughts are just thoughts, fear is just an illusion, they’re not “real”, so recognize them for what they are – a figment of your imagination. Just recognizing that your fear is an illusion loosens its grip and it begins to lose its power over you. Awareness is our most powerful asset – so use it, practice it, see things for what they truly are and what they truly aren’t. Don’t give your power away to something that isn’t real. Focus on what is real.

What is real is that you are loved, safe, blessed and held in the loving arms of something more powerful than you can ever wrap your brain around! What is real is that you have had blessings in your life, things have worked out for you at times, you do have food to eat, there are people who will care about you if you reach out and let them know you need help…this world is filled with people and organizations like that! Let this be the Truth that deserves your attention. Let this be the Truth that creates your future reality. Feed what you want to breed! Breed love and happiness in your life, you deserve it.