The most common hurdles faced in life are unconscious expectations and viewpoints that simply don’t make sense when brought to the light of consciousness. Unconsciously people expect to live their lives with nothing but huge victories, never any setbacks and always able to handle vast amounts of external and internal pressures without ever feeling overwhelmed. And if they do feel overwhelmed or experience a setback then something must be wrong with them, the situation or both. This is just unrealistic.


Life is made up of a series of moments and experiences. You are in an experiential place interacting with an ever-changing reality. You’re supposed to experience different things pushing you to grow and move towards a higher version of yourself. In life you get to experience a myriad of things and the joy is in the journey.

The journey consists of everything including setbacks but you’re not supposed to focus on them, you’re supposed to focus on the little victories along the way and simply learn from the setbacks. The little victories are the fun of life, if you push those aside, what do you have? Where can you find motivation, joy, purpose?

You succeed way more than you fail and if your focus becomes consumed by your little victories, you’ll see that they add up to large victories, goals being reached and joy experienced all along the way. That’s how it’s supposed to be, a joyous journey of excitement and experiences knowing all the while that you are safe, your best is good enough and you are loved and supported beyond measure.

No one ever leapt to the top of a mountain, they took one step at a time and each step was a small victory. If they focused on the one time they slipped and went backwards, they’d never reach the top. Each day there are small victories even if it’s just getting out of bed. If you did that, congratulate yourself. If you didn’t, attempt it tomorrow or if you’re bed-ridden, start a blog or watch a video with a good message, do something, anything positive and then congratulate yourself for it! You deserve it and you deserve the joy that comes along with it!

The secret is to focus on the positive and you will experience more and more positives. This is why you gain energy and feel good sensations when you focus on victories and lose energy and feel negative sensations when you focus on failure. It’s the system. The system has you feel good and energized when you do something that’s beneficial to yourself and others. It also has you feel bad and lower energy when you do something that’s detrimental to yourself and others. This is your guidance system, use it! Do more of what makes you feel better! You’re worth it and deserve to experience the joy that is in the journey!