Hi everyone, I’m very excited to announce the first ever Life, Lessons, & Laughter Rejuvenation Retreat! The retreat will be taking place this summer (2019), July 14th through the 20th in tropical Santa Catalina, Panama!

I was approached by my friend Michelle Miller last year about the possibility and it sounded like a great idea immediately however I wasn’t sure about the timing. Fortunately, Michelle and I were on the same page and decided to allow it to fall into place when the timing was right. Shortly after my son and I decided to move to Florida, which of course required quite a bit of energy to accomplish. Once the move was complete and we settled in, Michelle contacted me and said she’d be in my area soon, so of course we got together and had lunch. Unbeknownst to me, the time was approaching for the retreat to come into being.

In the middle of February, I felt a nudge to revisit the idea of the retreat. Michelle was very receptive and the back and forth began. Once this was a real possibility, we brought in my amazing partner Ben Barber. Michelle and Ben did most of the hashing out and putting together to create something amazing! The longer I’m a Life Coach the more important it feels to focus on the Life Coaching and allow others to help in the areas of their expertise. Fortunately, I have wonderful people around me that make that possible.

Within 6 weeks, the retreat was put together and announced! Simply amazing what falls into place when we listen to our inner guidance and work together. At this retreat, I’ll be able to do what I’m meant to do and that is to open up and allow guidance to flow through me bringing the message of peace, love and fulfillment in specific ways to touch each person in attendance. This is my joy, my passion and my pleasure to be able to do. It was all made possible by listening to inner guidance, living in trust, following the nudges and feelings that were being sent and asking for help from the people around me that had the ability to make this possible. What a gift! So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I’ll add a little more info below about what the retreat entails and I hope to see some of you there in-person for an amazingly fulfilling, life-changing and rejuvenating retreat!!!

Each day we will have a 90 minute wellness talk covering a different area of our lives including physical, intellectual, social, financial, spiritual, and emotional. They’ll also be daily question and answer sessions, guided meditations, self-awakening yoga classes, and so much more. And what’s a vacation without downtime? We’ll have plenty of that for you to explore the different options that beautiful Santa Catalina has to offer including: surfing lessons, paddle boarding, bird walks, Spanish lessons, and more. I’ll also be available for personal one on one life coaching each day if you’re interested in meeting your more specific needs.

So that’s the overview and make sure to check out this link for specific info:


I’m looking forward to meeting some of you there and interacting in a deeply connected way with each of you! See you soon!