So, you’ve accomplished some wonderful things in your life and arrived at a place you’ve been walking towards. Perhaps you started a business, bought a house, started a family, changed careers, etc., etc., so now what? Most likely it’s time to level-up.

Where you are is based on the types of abilities and qualities you embodied in your past. Many of these qualities are wonderful and will continue to serve you moving forward. Also, some of these qualities will no longer serve you and need to be released and replaced by others in order to continue moving forward. There is always growth to be had and the opening to that growth is a truly enjoyable experience.

I’ll give you an example of my own leveling-up to help clarify the lesson. In my life, I went through a dramatic change from a dysfunctional alcoholic to a capable business owner and father. The jump wasn’t from dysfunction to perfection, it was from dysfunction to capable and that was gigantic enough! I let go of a lot of my dysfunction but there were some ways of functioning mixed in there that served me as I moved forward. Some of these traits were my stick-to-itiveness, stubbornness, masculine pushing forward, relentlessness, some aggressiveness and even some anger. I suppose I could’ve accomplished everything I did (theoretically) without these traits however they were what I knew and how I functioned for many years so I believe for me to do what I needed to do; it was the only way at the time.

Now that my son is older (almost 19 now) and my business foundation is established, it’s time to move towards other things while expanding on my personal growth. The places that I’m going, and the things I’m doing don’t require all these traits. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t need to lean on these old ways of doing things. It’s time to release and open to a new, more effective and pleasant way of Being. I’m releasing the masculine, relentless way of doing things and opening to a more feminine, graceful way of allowing. It’s simply a leveling-up process of letting go of what no longer serves me while embracing a more peaceful and efficient way of Being.

So that is my example, what’s yours? Are there traits that you’ve been leaning on to accomplish things in your life that you can let go of now? Is there a more pleasurable, fluid way of doing things that you’d like to open to? Look for what you can release and what you can embrace to live the life you want to live and Be the person you want to Be. We are constantly becoming better versions of ourselves and occasionally there’s a specific leveling-up point to be conscious of. So, look into your life to see if this is such a time for you.