The idea that I’m attempting to convey here is that spiritual law works in all situations, all the time. If this is true, we should be able to show examples of spiritual law working without using the words spirituality, God, religion or any other words that may have a pre-conceived meaning to them. This law works even if you don’t believe in it…like gravity. You can believe you can fly and gravity doesn’t work on you but if you jump off a building…you’re going down.

One of the best examples I’ve found of this mentality are the multitudes of success manuals and positive thinking books that have flooded the market over the years. It’s not “spiritual thinking” to believe that if you want what someone has, do what they do. If you’d like to be successful in business, do what the successful people are doing. This will work in many situations. The fact that highly successful people have been found to think differently than unsuccessful people has been documented. The way one group sees problems as opportunities and the other group sees them as obstacles impacts the way they deal with things dramatically! Can you guess which one is which?

Another spiritual fact is that everything is energy and if you add more of the same type of energy to something it expands. Taking the spirituality out of it and simply looking at the fact that when someone is already upset and you respond in anger…it just compounds the problem. This is the same thing, different mentalities, same law. What about the “mob-mentality”? Same principle with the energy. More people feeling the same way in one group will cause larger and more extreme actions.

How about an object in motion tends to stay in motion? Heard of that one? When someone is depressed, they tend to stay depressed. When someone works their way up to anger (a negative but higher vibration), they tend to take action. Sometimes is not the right action but it does tend to change circumstances which is better than staying stuck. For the record, there is even higher vibrating energies than anger which would produce much better results. Once someone takes the first step on a journey they tend to keep moving forward…the first step is often the hardest because it’s taken when someone is at rest.

As you can see there are many similarities between spiritual law and things that we’ve simply found to work. Common sense and learning from others is a very effective way of gaining clarity on what works whether you want to call it spirituality or not.