Most people can get motivated but how do we stay motivated even when we don’t feel like it? The answer is simple as all truth is…but it’s not always easy.

Early on in my spiritual life I experienced an amazing sense of peace and contentment that I never wanted to lose. When I felt it slipping away at times I did whatever was necessary to get it back. I learned to monitor my thoughts and feelings and when I noticed an unhappiness becoming present, I did whatever it took to get back to center and again feel the peace and ease of life.

Over the years there were times when I got lazy and allowed myself to fall into the uncomfortability of negative thinking or negative moods. It felt easier than to put in the work to stay happy but then I had to dig myself back out of where I let myself fall. What I learned was that if I put in some extra effort as soon as I noticed I was off-track, I got back on-track a lot quicker. The longer I let myself drift, the further the trek back to happiness was.

So now when I notice myself off-track, even if I don’t “feel like it”, I make the push. The motivation is simply this: no matter how hard and how much effort it takes to get me back on track now, the only thing I know for sure is that if I wait, it’ll be harder and take more effort! So screw that, I’ll do what I have to now!

How to stay motivated looks like this: simply understand that as soon as you notice there’s something to be done for your betterment, peace or happiness – do it right then. It just the easier and softer way to live and you deserve to live the easier, softer way. I’m sure you’ve struggled enough for this lifetime!