The majority of people in the world are experiencing a level of uncomfortability that is undeniable. Most people are unsatisfied with their lives and searching for answers. Many are suppressing this uncomfortability with alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, shopping, complaining, unhealthy relationships, etc. There are also many people actively seeking a new way of living that is more fulfilling and joyful. This is where life coaching comes in. Life coaching can help shift perspectives and thereby walk people towards the happiness and fulfillment they are seeking.

So, how do you choose the right life coach? It’s easier than you think. There is so much free information out there like podcasts, blogs, and videos you can get a good feel about how someone delivers their message. Listen, read and watch what they have available and if it clicks with you – that’s your life coach! If what someone says connects with you, and the way they say it resonates with you – that’s your person. To be honest, it’s that simple.

Most people that come to me for life coaching come to me because they’ve heard my podcasts, watched my videos or read my book or blogs. About 95% of the time, it’s a perfect fit because of this. Every once in awhile, it’s not a great match for one reason or another but that’s a really good rate of success. Sometimes it can seem like a good fit until you get going but that’s pretty rare using this system and nothing in this world is 100%.

So, why hire a life coach at all? Time for one of my favorite quotes again, “You can’t fix a problem with the consciousness that created it,” Albert Einstein.

It’s tremendously helpful to get the perspectives of someone disconnected from the emotion of the situation you’re in. If we keep looking at our situation from the same angle, we’ll keep seeing the same things. Changing the point of perception is paramount to seeing a solution where there doesn’t seem to be one. Of course, our brain is going to tell us there isn’t one or else we would’ve seen it by now but there’s always a solution. We simply have to find it by exploring different points of view. There are also times, we need someone to believe in us until we can believe in ourselves, love us until we can learn to love ourselves. Someone to support us, bring in clarity, minimize the 2 nd guessing. Someone to empower us to be our best selves. These are all things that a life coach can do as long as it’s the right one for you.

So, find the person that clicks with you. The one that gives you the most “aha” moments, the one that for some strange reason seems to make sense to you and send an email or call TODAY. Don’t delay, your happiness is waiting for you to open up and allow it to be experienced. You deserve to live the life you yearn for – that’s why you’re yearning for it! So, take that first step and see where it goes. No one can do it for you and you’ll never know where it will lead until you try.