How many times do you feel stressed about doing what you’re doing or stressed about getting it done so you can have time to go do something else? The fact is the stress you’re inducing has no usefulness and it actually slows your efforts down. You are very capable of performing tasks quickly without the mental anguish that usually accompanies rushing. In fact, you will perform them quicker and more efficiently when you stay calm while doing them. In short there are two ways of doing unpleasant chores: you can either do them while feeling stressed or do them while feeling calm. Stressed has no benefit and affects you negatively in many physical, mental and emotional ways. Feeling calm, you are thinking more clearly and less likely to make mistakes therefore making you much more productive and happier!

Basically there are 3 options when doing things:

• With enthusiasm

• Through acceptance

• Don’t do it

When you’re capable of enthusiasm in your undertaking – by all means let it flow. When acting through acceptance – calmness is key. If neither of these is an option…don’t do it. A large portion of your stresses are unnecessary and unconscious, you don’t even know how wound up you are until you stop for a moment and notice it. In this busy world, people rush from one activity to another; never conscious of the stresses they’re putting themselves under. Slow yourself down, pause, take a breath and realize that you can drive, take a shower, discipline your child, perform a job duty or complete any other task more effectively while calm and at peace. If you are going to be late for work…being a nut-case when you get there is not going to benefit you in any way.

Through spirituality you can find peace, through peace you can find a happier & more satisfying way to live!