Old wounds can come in many shapes and sizes. Not all of the specifics can be covered in a blog so I’ll throw some things out there to at least give you a basic understanding. One of the common occurrences is that people do the work on an old wound and then it comes up again later on in life. When this happens, the initial reaction is usually something like: “I thought I dealt with this already” or “I must not have dealt with it correctly if it’s back again”. Most often, this isn’t the case – especially if a substantial amount of time has passed like 6 months or a year. Usually this is a case of a large wound needing several healings because of its size. We can’t always handle healing an entire wound at once. In my experience the large wounds take two or three passes to heal fully. I’m sure there are situations that require more.

It’s also important to know that not all wounds heal the same way. Most you can heal, let go and move on without residual effects from. You will learn from it and may interact differently because of it, but for the most part it becomes a non-issue once fully healed. Some larger wounds don’t ever fully “heal” in the traditional sense. Losing a child is a strong example. Most people never get to the place where it’s a non-issue in that situation. They are forever changed and always will look at life differently. They can still find peace, love and happiness in this life however there will always be a place where that child is inside them. They can even get to a place where the memory triggers joy and the love the child represents, but it’ll never be something that isn’t “important” in their life.

Now that you know how wounds themselves as well as the healing processes can vary, hopefully you can relax on the judgement that often comes with misunderstanding things. The actual process of healing wounds is covered in specific detail in the blog: Letting Go, so I’ll try not to repeat the same information that’s in there, feel free to take a look at the blog for that info. It’s basically a matter of releasing the energy that’s stuffed from the old wound as well as shifting your intellectual perspective on the incident.

If a wound resurfaces after a period of time, there is more work to do. We are only given what we can handle. There are wounds so large that it’s impossible to come to a place of acceptance or forgiveness the first time through. Eventually if we are to have peace, we’ll have to get there but it may take a couple releases to even be able to contemplate it. Once we’ve done some work and the stuffed energy around the event has been minimized, we can loosen our grip on our anger. Through time, contemplation and perhaps guidance, we can get to that place of acceptance or forgiveness that brings with it the peace we seek. As we walk around with old wounds, it merely limits us and our joy, it doesn’t hurt the person that inflicted the wound on us. They are receiving their own punishment. The punishment is built into the action, no one can escape it. This is even true if it doesn’t seem that way on the surface. You must take care of yourself and do what’s best for you instead of focusing on them. If your wound has come up to the surface, that means it’s trying to release. Our bodies don’t like the feeling of all that hurt inside. When the time is right it comes up so it can be healed and released. Your body wants you to be happy, nature wants you to find joy, when you feel old wounds bubble up, try to look at it as a gift. It’s happening for you not to you. So when it comes up, don’t judge it or yourself, it’s okay, it’s simply time for you to do the work and reap the rewards of peace, happiness and serenity that lie on the other side.