Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies there is, simply because it brings in more things to be grateful for. This is why gratitude journals have become so popular… because they work! Simply knowing that you need to write down five things you’re grateful for each night gets you in the habit of looking for things you can write down. So during the day you’re actually spending mental energy looking for things you’re grateful for. This is energy that was previously spent worrying or simply unconscious. Now it’s being used to not only enjoy your present circumstances more but also to usher in more things to be grateful for. It’s a very powerful exercise!

It’s actually amazing how negative and unconscious people can be as they walk through life. I don’t say this in a judgmental way, it’s simply a fact. I can still walk through periods of my life unconscious. There are so many things on our to-do lists and so many responsibilities that society has accepted as the norm that people can go for days, weeks, months and sometimes years barely slowing down enough to notice and appreciate all the things they work so hard to have.

Occasionally they may say they are grateful but do they really stop long enough to let the energy of gratitude flow through them? For the joy to be felt, experienced, walked-in? This is what we need to do and any exercise that can enhance this is process is certainly beneficial. So begin that gratitude journal, take some time to be still and allow the feeling of gratitude and joy to wash over you and through you. It will literally change your vibration.

Here’s another perspective adjustment for ya…if there is a Divine Creator that created us then wouldn’t that Creator design it’s creations to be able to enjoy their experiences? If you have children wouldn’t you want them to enjoy their lives? If you build a business or a car would you want what’s best for it? Of course you would, it’s just innate in us.

We are creators just like our Creator and it’s only natural for us to want what’s best for our creations. So if we weren’t made to enjoy our lives, if that wasn’t how the system was designed…we must have a mean-spirited Creator and I simply can’t believe that. Otherwise we would be mean-spirited and want misery for our creations…and we don’t.

We want joy and therefore our Creator wants joy. The system is set up for us to have joy, we just have to understand the system. The system is set up so that what we focus on we bring more of. We weren’t supposed to focus on things we don’t like…that’s our mistake. We have to focus on what we do like and thereby bring in more of what brings us joy! So share what you Love, keep a gratitude journal, make a game of it with your friends…text each other 3 things you’re grateful for each day. Do whatever it takes but focus on gratitude and joy and see it multiply in your life, the time is now.