There certainly is a flow to life, we’ve all felt it at one point or another. You know, when everything just seems to be going right and it feels good. Even when something goes different than we expect at this time, we’re able to shrug it off as inconsequential. Oh, it’s wonderful when we’re in it!

Then there’s times when we’re not in the flow and everything’s a struggle, nothing seems to be going right and then we break a shoe lace and lose our mind! It happens. So, what’s the difference???

I had a visual many years ago that’s helped me tremendously. I was standing in a river trying to hold back the rushing water with two trash can lids. Needless to say, it was quite a struggle and not working well at all. While I was standing there exhausted and frustrated I had a thought: what if you stopped struggling against it and just surrendered and went with it? Exhausted as I was I simply leaned backwards and allowed my feet to float up to the surface as my body began to float down the river. While I floated I noticed experiencing things like twists and turns, excitement, fleeting moments of fear, happiness, peacefulness, sadness, joy, a feeling of Love, laughter, etc. This ride had everything included in it…everything except struggle.

If we look closely at what’s happening when we’re in the flow of life we’ll notice that it’s an alignment that’s taking place. We are aligned with life’s flow. We are going with life instead of struggling against it. This doesn’t mean it’ll be free of all fear, sadness or other difficult times it just means it’s be free of struggle.

We are capable of handling difficult times here and there but what really hurts is our struggle against them. When something inside tells us we shouldn’t be feeling this, it’s not right, it’s not fair…this victim mentality saps away our power. So, empower yourself to go with the flow knowing that there is a higher purpose that’s making things happen that we can’t possibly understand fully.

This brief physical life is supposed to be filled with experiences not safety. We can feel safe from our spiritual connection to the Eternal, the Universe, God, Creator or Higher Power, etc. However, while we’re here on earth our lives will also consist of experiences of all sorts. If we go with the flow of them it’ll be an amazing and wonderful ride. If we struggle the whole way through…it’ll be a struggle.