Let’s face it, in this world there is pressure to be things we’re not as well as an innate desire to fit in and be accepted.  It’s no wonder we can have difficulty being who we truly are and embracing the uniqueness of ourselves and others.  So yes it can be difficult however if we look deeply at the options and what we’re really trying to achieve and we find that being ourselves and accepting others as they are is not only better but it’s necessary.

The fact is we can never truly connect to anyone unless they’re able to experience the Truth of who we are.  Otherwise they’re just connecting to a representative that we’d like them to see and it’s a surface, superficial connection, not a deep true connection.  This is what intimacy is all about…showing the real you, being seen and being accepted.  This is what we all crave and desire in our relationships because it’s the only connection that’s real.

So if we embrace who we are, follow our joys, express our passions, go in the direction of what naturally feels good to us and not someone else…only then are we stepping towards true connection with others.

And speaking of others, we must do the same for them.  If we continually try to shape others into what we feel is appropriate, we’ll never be connecting with anyone.  Either the person will eventually rebel against the pressure of being something they’re not or they’ll completely lose themselves and be miserable because they aren’t who they are supposed to be.  Whichever happens, it ends badly.

We are also not experiencing a true connection with anyone during this type of relationship because we’re not connecting with the Truth of who that person is.  It’s just an egoic surface connection with who we think we want them to be.

So take the risk, discover the True You, love your differences!  You’ll experience a level of self-love you never knew existed and then you’ll be able to love others unconditionally because you’ll be accepting their True Selves as well!