I’m going to jump right down to the core on this one and then work my way back out. All suffering is resistance to what is. Change is constant in this realm. If you’re resisting change, you’re resisting what is and therefore suffering needlessly. So there, that’s the Truth.

Now let’s work our way back out. Change is going to happen, always. If you spend all your time getting your ducks in a row in order to be happy, one thing is for sure, someone’s going to kick a duck! Someone’s going to mess things up or a duck is going to wander off…it happens. So if change is going to happen, how can you handle it when it does?

The answer lies in long-term thinking. When change arises, people tend to look at it up close and personal. The trick is to take a step back (or 1,000 steps back), and look at it from a broader perspective. Your purpose here is to expand and grow, to become a fuller version of yourself. With this in mind you can begin to see how change is necessary for that growth and actually inspires it.

If you lose your job and you embrace this as an opportunity to grow into something that will bring more joy and fulfillment, it will be an exciting time for you. If you allow the fear of not being able to pay the bills to overtake you, it will be a very difficult time. And how does living in all that fear help? Does it help you find a job? Does it make you more confident, more capable, able to think more clearly to develop a plan or follow any guidance that may be showing itself? No, of course not. Fear takes away and lessens all those things.

If you are excited and enthusiastic, you’re more likely to put more effort into finding and securing a job. If the journey is enjoyable, we do much better at it, we apply ourselves more, etc. I’m not saying this is easy. I’ve been through it and it’s not always easy. However, I’ve been through this both ways and let me tell you…going through with hope and optimism is much more effective and much more fun!

You also don’t have to do it perfectly. Do what you can, stay as positive as you can, look on the bright-side as much as you can and your best will be enough. When any change happens…take a giant step back and reset your perspective to a broader vision. From there you can understand that this is temporary like everything else. You’ve been through a lot in life and you’ve always come out…you can make it through this too. Besides if this situation changed once…we can be sure it’ll change again and it’s always for the better!

Do your best to embrace change and as you learn to get more comfortable with it, you’ll enjoy more peace and happiness as the result.