When we begin our spiritual walk it’s usually as a result of some sort of suffering we’ve experienced in a certain area of our lives. In the beginning pain pushes us until pleasure pulls us. So of course our attention on how to live spiritually is directed to that aspect of our lives. If we are suffering in the area of relationships, work, finances, grief of loss, etc., those specific areas usually get the most attention from our spiritual work. And rightly so, they probably need the most attention at the beginning.

At some point after things have stabilized a bit, we have to come to the understanding that we can’t compartmentalize our lives. We can’t be spiritual in one area but not in another area. We have one life that we’re living and we can’t break it into sections. We can’t behave poorly in one area and healthy in another and expect to be happy. As they say in Recovery: we must practice these principles in all our affairs.

Usually this type of thing happens in one of two areas: work or relationships. In work, people can behave poorly and say that’s it’s “just business” or perhaps they work too much without any attention to their self-care or at the sacrifice of their families. In relationships people will often stay in dysfunctional relationships because they don’t want to be alone or they don’t have the faith that things can be better.

We have to make a choice to live our lives through Love or through fear. If we don’t make changes in our lives because of fear, then that is what’s ruling our lives and we won’t be experiencing the happiness, joy and fulfillment we’re supposed to be enjoying. Also at some point the Universe is going to guide us towards a fuller expansion by showing us more and more contrast in the situations we haven’t handed over or dealt with in a spiritual manner. More and more contrast is a nice way of saying: pain and suffering…not fun! If we look at all the areas in our lives and see where we can make progress and take the steps necessary, we can avoid needless suffering.

So remember to live one life, without division but with integration of spiritual principles – with integrity. This is where the happiness, joy and fulfillment you seek is – in living one way all the time to the best of your ability. And as always…your best IS good enough!