It’s amazing how much of our actions, reactions and functioning comes from unconscious core beliefs. These beliefs were set in place when we were very young, around the ages of 4 to 8 and dictate a lot of how we see and interact with the world.

When we came into this world from the other side, all we knew was love. We knew we were loved, and that everything was okay from an eternal perspective. After living here for several years and being exposed to societal beliefs imposed upon us by those around us…we begin to replace the “knowing” that we have inside with the beliefs that are being taught to us from the outside.

After being told we have to eat at a certain time for years, we start to believe we cannot trust our bodies signals on when we are hungry. We’re shown love only after we do what we’re told and scolded when what we’re doing joyfully doesn’t align with what those in charge want us to be doing and when. After experiencing this for years, we start to let go of the idea of unconditional love and start to believe in condition-based love.

To be clear, this is no one’s fault, it’s just how society is and has been for thousands of years.

We have to develop a new way of being that coincides with the societal beliefs around us. So we start agreeing with untruths to fit in to society. We begin to believe we are not good enough as we are. We believe that we’re not worthy of love or success. We believe that people won’t love us if we’re simply ourselves and that we need to behave in certain ways to deserve love, etc., etc.

The good news is we can change these core beliefs. We can go within, understand what is causing us to experience the sorrow and disconnect that most people feel and then choose something different. Our core beliefs are simply an agreement we made to believe in something at a young age with limited experience in this world. We can look into this agreement, apply the logic and understanding we’ve developed over our life and encode a new belief system.

Once we understand that people were trying to get us to eat at a certain time because people down here believe in this

thing called “time” and everyone is very busy “doing” things instead of “Being”, then we can understand it wasn’t anything personal to us and it doesn’t mean we can’t trust our bodies. We need to consciously comprehend that our parents didn’t stop loving us when they acted upset and scolded us…they were just trying to get us to fit into society the way they understood it. The anger they expressed was merely the fear of us not fitting in and the suffering the thought it might cause. From this understanding we can accept that we are loved and lovable regardless of society’s rules and simply being ourselves is enough.

You can change the agreements inside. The core beliefs aren’t set in stone, they’re just agreed to. They can be changed by going inside and choosing to believe in something more empowering and peaceful. How do you think your life would change if you truly believed you are enough, you are loved unconditionally and that you are worthy just by being you! Exciting huh?