At the beginning of our spiritual path we learn, come to new understandings, implement them here and there and begin to experience the joy of living in a new way. This is a wonderful time since we have opened up the door to the Truth, and a happier, more fulfilling way of being.

At some point down the road there usually comes a time when we’ve sort of learned enough, come to a full enough understanding and it seems that we’ve hit a wall of sorts. The growth isn’t as steady or consistent and we don’t know what’s standing in our way.

This is the time when we must strengthen our commitment to change and take the big leap. At some point we have to transcend the person we were before. We need to let go of the mind-made image of who we thought we were to embrace the new-us. The new-you.

At first glance it sounds wonderful and exciting…which it is. However it can also be scary. Letting go of who we thought we were is a big undertaking that takes serious commitment. It is the courage of the Spiritual Warrior that is needed now to leap from the known into the unknown. The unknown conjures fear within us and sometimes we feel that the demons we know might just be better than the ones we don’t know.

Fortunately, what was learned by now is that there’s no turning back. We KNOW the Truth, we KNOW that we are loved, we are cared for, there is happiness and fulfillment to have, we KNOW this deep down. This is what gives us the courage to leap forward into the abyss of the unknown. The good news is that many people have made that leap by now and every one of them will tell you it’s sooooo worth it! It opens you up to a level of Love you never knew existed as well as an intimacy with the Universe you live in that holds you in its arms protected, loved and safe.

So stand strong in your commitment to change and when the time is right…LEAP! You won’t regret it!