Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves, it’s natural. Our nature is to expand, grow, become more of ourselves. But how? I’m going to let you in on a little concept that should help. The concept is that you actually already are the best version of yourself that you’ve ever been, right now.

Let’s look at this closely, what does being the best version of you mean? It means you are capable of living, acting, and functioning in a better way than you were previously capable of. It doesn’t mean you did everything perfectly today or because you did things well last year and things aren’t going as well right now that somehow you’re a worse version of yourself. Sometimes we have good days or good stretches and sometimes we have difficult days or stretches. This is not a reflection of our capabilities.

Being the best version of yourself means that you have the most capabilities of functioning at a high level so if you’ve had one more bad day than you had previously or one more broken relationship, one more break down and cry episodes, one more thought pass through your mind that you don’t want to keep living like this…congratulations!

Congratulations because you are one step closer to shifting what you want to shift, experiencing that last straw that drives you to true surrender, opening to a new level of peace, finally making the decision that your happiness is worth more than maintaining the status quo and seeking help.

If you’ve had one more good day, congratulations! You are one step closer to finding what works for you, creating the road map to get back to happiness if you ever find yourself off, getting comfortable with the vibration of joy so that it becomes your new normal.

Just by one more day passing, you are better because you have that much more experience to base your decisions off of. When your ego tells you: “Here you are again, a year later, you haven’t grown at all!”, you can recognize that for what it is…your ego trying to keep you stuck. It’s a lie. Just the shear fact that you have one more year of trying makes you more capable of transcending whatever you’re trying to transcend. Don’t fall for the lie. You CAN get to the space you want to be.

So get excited for today because today…just by the reality of you being here means that you’re that much more capable than you were yesterday of living the life of your dreams! You are the BEST version of you that you have ever been in your entire life at this moment now!