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Glenn Ambrose is a Spiritual Teacher, Author of the book Down To Earth – The Spiritual Being’s Guide to a Happy, Human Experience and Host of the popular podcast Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose. He is also a Speaker and internationally certified Life Coach through the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching and has been working with clients all over the world for many years. 

My history

In 2003, homeless, addicted to alcohol, and on death’s doorstep, Glenn’s
life took a 180° turn. Through a series of powerful Spiritual Awakenings, he gained a fundamental understanding of Spiritual Law which he teaches in a practical, down to earth way, helping countless others with these foundational insights. Glenn was born and raised in Massachusetts, he enjoyed 14 years raising his son Matteo in Rhode Island, and now they live in Florida, the tropical setting that he so enjoys!

Glenn’s philosophy is that happiness and fulfillment are there for everyone to have, and are attainable by anyone. Combining his coaching skills with his finely tuned style for getting to the heart of the matter, he
inspires the change that is necessary for truly successful living. After finding happiness himself, he immediately saw that it is accessible for anyone as long as they have the willingness to open up to it.

Glenn is well-known for his passion, enthusiasm, and ability to see things from a clear perspective which gives him the aptitude to guide people on an effective path for their own self-discovery and happiness.  He uplifts others to come out of their complacency or struggle and experience the levels of contentment and joy that are possible.

“There is nothing more powerful and heart-warming to me than to see that sparkle in someone’s eye or hear the elation in their voice when they get that first spark of pure hope when it hits deep inside of them, that not only is happiness possible but it’s right there for them to grasp!”

-Glenn Ambrose

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