I was taught by my Father – if you want to get to the Truth…simplify, if you want to get further from the Truth…complicate. In the spirit of this, here’s a simple way to view and deal with the problems in your life.

           1. Identify the problem – get clear on exactly what the true problem underneath is. Often it’s different than what it                looks like on the surface.

                     – Go inside asking the question over and over going deeper each time.

                     – Listen to your heart not your mind.

                    – Discuss it with someone who can give you an outside perspective, someone familiar with this type of internal                      work.


          2. Find the solution – again an outside perspective is important here. Many times we can’t see the forest through the trees.


                        – Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

                        – Gather information, how have others solved similar problems?

                        – We can help each other gain a fresh outlook on problems that are too close for us to see.


            3. Implement the solution – this is often the most difficult one. You need to be accountable for taking the action                    step by step in working through the implementation process.


                           – American Society for Training and Development states: “you can increase your chances of weight loss                                   success from 10% to 95% simply by being accountable to someone willing to encourage and support your                             efforts”. If accountability is this effective in weight loss, how important a piece of the puzzle is it? Wouldn’t                               it be great to increase your chances of success by 50%? Let alone 85%!!!

                           – If your problem is you’re hungry…you can drive to the store, pick out food, pay for it, load it in your car,                                 drive home, cook it properly, plate the food and eat it. If you miss just one step in this process, the whole                               plan can fall apart. You need clear steps and the ability to accomplish each one.

                            – Often people waste time by saying: “I should be able to do this on my own” and never getting anywhere.                              You don’t have to do it alone, you weren’t meant to do it alone, that’s why we have an innate inner desire                                for community and acceptance. We need each other.


With this basic formula you can solve many problems on your own. For the more difficult ones reach out for help. Talk to friends, family, mentors, etc. If possible try to talk with people who have what you want, who live a lifestyle that you’d like, someone you respect. Of course, a wonderful option here is to speak to a professional like a Life Coach, Counselor or Therapist. This is why we have these professions, to help!