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Congratulations, you’ve followed the nudge that brought you here and have taken an important step in creating life you yearn for. Existing is not enough for you and you’ve followed the urge for more. We are here to thrive, not merely survive.
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“There is nothing more powerful and heart-warming to me than to see that sparkle in someone’s eye or hear the elation in their voice when they get that first spark of pure hope when it hits deep inside of them, that not only is happiness possible but it’s right there for them to grasp!”

Glenn Ambrose


I work with clients one on one, in groups, workshops, and during retreats.

Spiritual Teaching

Spiritual Teaching is similar to Life Coaching but includes a spiritual component. This type of guidance helps in discovering one’s personal truth through spirituality balancing the human experience.

Life Coaching

We all need a little help to navigate the road of life. I provide the tools and perspective necessary to help move your life forward in the direction you want. Your peace and happiness is the most important thing in your life, are you ready to walk in the direction of them?

Workshops/Group Sessions

Sharing my story and my insights allows me to connect authentically with audiences to help them understand how to help themselves.

About Me

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Author of the book Down To Earth – The Spiritual Being’s Guide to a Happy, Human Experience and Host of the international podcast Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose. I’m also a Speaker and internationally certified Life Coach through the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching and have been working with clients all over the world for many years.

In 2003, homeless, addicted to alcohol, and on death’s doorstep, my life took a 180° turn. Through a series of powerful spiritual awakenings, I gained a fundamental understanding of Spiritual Law which I teach in a practical, down to earth way.

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I started listening to Glenn’s podcast on Insight Timer, and I liked his style
and humor from Day #1. After some months I contacted him for an explanation of his coaching, the doubts and topics I needed to take care of, and the procedure. We gave it a try with our first ‘video meeting’ and I was happy, comfortable and guided right away. I like his approach to life, his light and fun way of expression, down to earth philosophy and natural spontaneity, beautifully complimented with tons of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. I felt as if I had a good old friend that I just met. Pretty amazing connection. What we have discussed, and the suggestions and ideas he proposed were graspable, doable and totally useful. I could see changes and results immediately and most of all, through the meetings
I’ve learned that if I’m OK, everything is OK. Self Love and Respect were the better tools and the best path to walk on. Thank you, Glenn. I always look so much forward to our next meeting. Gracias Totales.

Stefanie Z

“Since beginning to work with Glenn Ambrose as my Life Coach over 6 months ago, my life has changed in a multitude of positive ways. The differences in my thoughts and actions were apparent almost immediately with his guidance. I was taught to change my perception, and learn from my successes as well as my failures. Not only is Glenn supremely easy to talk with but he also advises in a manner that comes without a speck of judgment. I’ve also received positivity and clarity after attending some of the other workshops offered by him. I would (and actually do to my friends) recommend you go see Glenn if you are looking to change your life in a positive way.”

Laura C.

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